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DDC Cologne

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Thanks to the Frühsport Team here are some photos of the past weekend (DiscDaysCologne) and a cool summary written by Emma. Read on!

Hello everybody,At the weekend the Heidees Ladies played the 5th Disc Days tournament in Koeln. I thought I’d write a brief report in English, so everyone can understand (and cos it’s easier for me :-)). Unfortunately i’m not sure of the some of the exact scores, but i will try to make it as accurate as possible, so sorry for any mistakes!Here’s a summary for those who dont have time to read in full: very hot, 6th place, 8 players on sunday, great tournament!Day 1The weekend got off to a flying start with an easy win against Frau Rauscher (Frankfurt) 13:2, who brought quite a lot of beginners with them. It was the perfect opportunity to warm up, although it was already obvious things would be hot enough, with the temperature already close to 30 degrees. The next game was against our arch rivals, Mainzelmaedchen. It’s always close against the Mainz girls, and we went into the game determined to win. This was, in my opinion, our strongest game. Despite Mainz’s hard defence, we played a solid offence, impressing them with our fantastic catches. Mainz had to call a time out at 4:0 to us, but to no avail as we ended up thrashing them 12:4 (i think).The third pool game against WANT from Austria proved to be much tougher. We were beginning to feel that we were only 10 players, and although we were in the lead for most of the game, Austria were determined not to let us get away and ended up beating us 8:10.So in order to come second in the pool, we had to beat the DOMinas from Koeln. We were down to 9 men, as Lina had heat stroke, and Maike was playing in an injured fingered, sun stroked state. The game was tough for both teams, with some very long points, which were very tiring. But in the end we pulled through with some great long plays and defence. I think the score was about 9:5 to us. Day 2Sunday was a real fitness challenge, as we were down to 8. Our cross over was against the Dutch National Team, and although we fought hard, and were leading at the beginning, the Dutch girls proved faster and fitter, and we unfortunately lost  – really dont know the score of that one, as i spent most of the game trying not to collapse!But we pulled it back against Frisbee Family, Duesseldorf, where, after some free red bull, we regained our energy and won 11:5.This meant playing for the 5th place against WANT again. Rematch time. At the beginning of the game we had an absolute nightmare, and at one point it was 6:0 i think. But then we made the comeback of a life time, with great support from Marie and Maike on the side line and bringing us water. We worked so hard until the very end, and although we lost, we were happy withb a respectable 10:12.So thank you Heidees, for another brilliant tournament. It was a great preparation for the Reli!Emma